Feral IV

A Feral World

It is now December 7, 2018 and we are in the final stages of post-production of Feral 3. The music and sound is being created by Leslie Gaston-Bird and Wild Visual Effects are knocking out the visual effects. I am hoping to have part 3 done early 2019. And now I am beginning to plan for Feral IV. I’ve written the script and started a new crowdfunding campaign. I am already about 30% at the goal (we need 80% to receive the funding).

Because there are many projects called Feral, I’ve decided that the final feature film will be called A Feral World. I am really pleased with how it’s coming out and so proud of my cast and crew. Thanks for reading!

A Location Secured

FInding a location, for me, is even more difficult than finding actors.  The space where your film takes place is critical to telling a good story, and something that should not be glossed over. Today, I have secured a location that is perfect for the exterior of our Villain's Lair.  Just great!!  I am so thankful to the support of the owner! Have a look at these.



3% away



We're getting close! We need to raise $380 more to reach 80% of our goal. We cannot receive the pledges we've been given unless we reach that number. We currently are at 77% with 19 days to go. We're doing well, but not there yet. If you can spread the word and do what you can, our team would appreciate it.


Thank you!



Feral Keeps Going!

I wanted to give you an update on the film. We are currently wrapping up the 2nd installment of the film and plan on screening parts 1 & 2 on January 25th at 4PM and January 26th at 7PM. If you are in the Denver area, I hope you can make it. It will be at the CU Denver Tivoli Community theater. If you want to get on the mailing list, please visit www.feralmovie.net (your email will not be sold or shared, only infrequent Feral related emails).

Also, we are now preparing for the 3rd installment that will be shooting in June. This is going to be the biggest one yet. I hope you have a happy holiday!!

Part 2 nearly complete

CHAPTER 2 - Lost Loved Ones - nearly done

Part 2 is nearly complete (11/9/17).  I reached 'picture-lock' in Sept, and then we started work on the color correction, sound design and now the music.

Trevr Merchant, our DIT and colorist worked with me, (through my nit-picking), and the color correction is now done. We shot on the RED (8K), and I have to say, the film looks amazing. Trevr brought to film a stylized look that I love.  

Leslie Gaston-Bird, our Supervising Sound Editor and composer now lives in England. We did a foley session from afar. We linked up two recording studios, (one in London, the other in Denver) and using SoundConnect and ProTools we did our foley recording session. I was skeptical that it would work... but it ended up working out well. Since then, Leslie has sweetened the sound and laid in the foley sounds. Now she is working on the music, and so far, it's sounding great.  We are truly near the finish line. 

For those of you who live in Denver, I am planning on showing part 1 and 2 (this film) either in December or January in the Tivoli theatre on the CU Denver campus.   

Looking ahead... I have two more films to make that will ultimately become the feature length film. We are planning on shooting chapter 3 this June. I've written the first draft of that script.  I think its a good script, but still tinkering with it.  If you are willing and able, please be on the lookout for a future Kickstarter.

This next film has a pretty nasty villain (JASPER) that I will be casting.  If anyone knows a menacing and talented actor, willing to work for cheap...

Thanks again for your support. I am determined to see this project reach its goal.  



    Feral Sequel in the works

    We have decided to make a series of shorts with the characters from our film Feral, which I completed in October 2016. Over the next few years we will tie these films together into a feature film. Like "Boyhood" you'll see these characters age, only this story is in a post-apocalyptic world. HENCE, I am launching this Kickstarter campaign to make it happen. We are planning on shooting the next segment in June 2017.

    If you are able to support, THANK YOU! If not, please share this link where it might be seen. I do appreciate you looking at this.


    Completed and waiting

    The film is complete!  Music and sound and color correction are all done.  I've got the final film on a private Vimeo page and have submitted to numerous film festivals.  Now begins the waiting game.  I've shown the film privately for the cast and crew.  Everyone seemed pretty pleased with the outcome.  I am excited to get the film into a festival and already thinking about making another short with the same characters.  

    Check back in a few months and hopefully I will have some good news about the festivals.



    July 6, 2016

    To Row or not to row, that is the question.

    Today I met with Trevr Merchant who was both our first AC and our Colorist.  He is excited to get to work on the color correction and I am excited for that to happen!  He's really talented and feel its in good hands.  

    I really am close to calling the film picture locked, but I am fighting with one scene. That is to keep it or to cut it. Its only a 30 second scene, but a) I am trying to keep it short for the festivals, but moreso, it is a very different tone from the rest of the film. The film is moody and melancholy and this scene has a bit of cheerfulness in it. Caleb does not like it, but I think he does not like to see himself in it, but others like it and Jessica our DP says to cut it.  She feels its not necessary.  I am stuck in the middle because there is value to the scene, just it may be redundant.  Showing it to Craig, the co-writer tomorrow, and hopefully I will come to a conclusion and call it LOCKED!

    July 4th 2016

    Happy Independence Day!!  

    For me, I was editing the film. We wrapped our shoot on June 14th 2016, and have been working on the film incessantly.  I am at the obsessive stage of editing where I am thinking about the edit even when I am not in front of the computer.  I am not only a filmmaker but also a professor of film. We always are harping at our students to keep the film as short a possible while still telling the story you want to tell. So as I work on the rough assembly, it came out to 21 minutes.  Which is not a great running time for film festivals.  Typically short films do better if there are under 15 minutes, so its a challenge.  Yesterday, I was able to get the film down to 17 minutes and its a better film in its shortened form. Of course there's the push and pull of what to keep and what to discard.  I am struggling with one scene. Its a good scene but may not be needed.  More later.

    I've done the majority of the visual effects needed at this point, and that was a fun time.  No really... I like that sort of thing  (thank you Videocopilot.net)  

    This past April I want to SXSW for the first time and was very inspired. So this is my goal, make the best film possible and get into SXSW.  What a great festival.  I know they have over 8500 submissions, so its a long shot, but it would be terrific to screen the film there.  

    About the actors.  Danielle Prall is a pro! I worked with her a few years ago on a small project but never forgot her presence.  She really knows the craft of acting, so when I wrote this film, I pretty much wrote it with her in mind.  

    Caleb Liban - Well, he's my son and its his debut performance.  Everyone thinks their kids are talented, but as a filmmaker, I saw his ability to take on characters.  (Maybe it was all the costumes we indulged him with as a small child).  In any case I recognized his talent and wrote the part for him.  Not only does he do a great job, its a gift to be able to have this as a record of a endeavor we shared at this point in time. In twenty years he will be able to look back and remember this thing we did.

    Atari - That's my dog, who also is a major character in the film.  At film school we tell our students to NOT work with kids or animals.  I did both.  However, it being my child and my dog, it was not as problematic.  Atari was a bit of a wild card, given he is not really trained for this sort of thing, but I think he pulled it off.  Treats, lots of treats.  I chose to use him because you don't see Italian Greyhounds in film.  They are sort of funny looking dogs. Their method of survival is speed.  With out that, they would be easy prey, which felt right for the theme of the film.