July 4th 2016

Happy Independence Day!!  

For me, I was editing the film. We wrapped our shoot on June 14th 2016, and have been working on the film incessantly.  I am at the obsessive stage of editing where I am thinking about the edit even when I am not in front of the computer.  I am not only a filmmaker but also a professor of film. We always are harping at our students to keep the film as short a possible while still telling the story you want to tell. So as I work on the rough assembly, it came out to 21 minutes.  Which is not a great running time for film festivals.  Typically short films do better if there are under 15 minutes, so its a challenge.  Yesterday, I was able to get the film down to 17 minutes and its a better film in its shortened form. Of course there's the push and pull of what to keep and what to discard.  I am struggling with one scene. Its a good scene but may not be needed.  More later.

I've done the majority of the visual effects needed at this point, and that was a fun time.  No really... I like that sort of thing  (thank you Videocopilot.net)  

This past April I want to SXSW for the first time and was very inspired. So this is my goal, make the best film possible and get into SXSW.  What a great festival.  I know they have over 8500 submissions, so its a long shot, but it would be terrific to screen the film there.  

About the actors.  Danielle Prall is a pro! I worked with her a few years ago on a small project but never forgot her presence.  She really knows the craft of acting, so when I wrote this film, I pretty much wrote it with her in mind.  

Caleb Liban - Well, he's my son and its his debut performance.  Everyone thinks their kids are talented, but as a filmmaker, I saw his ability to take on characters.  (Maybe it was all the costumes we indulged him with as a small child).  In any case I recognized his talent and wrote the part for him.  Not only does he do a great job, its a gift to be able to have this as a record of a endeavor we shared at this point in time. In twenty years he will be able to look back and remember this thing we did.

Atari - That's my dog, who also is a major character in the film.  At film school we tell our students to NOT work with kids or animals.  I did both.  However, it being my child and my dog, it was not as problematic.  Atari was a bit of a wild card, given he is not really trained for this sort of thing, but I think he pulled it off.  Treats, lots of treats.  I chose to use him because you don't see Italian Greyhounds in film.  They are sort of funny looking dogs. Their method of survival is speed.  With out that, they would be easy prey, which felt right for the theme of the film.