July 6, 2016

To Row or not to row, that is the question.

Today I met with Trevr Merchant who was both our first AC and our Colorist.  He is excited to get to work on the color correction and I am excited for that to happen!  He's really talented and feel its in good hands.  

I really am close to calling the film picture locked, but I am fighting with one scene. That is to keep it or to cut it. Its only a 30 second scene, but a) I am trying to keep it short for the festivals, but moreso, it is a very different tone from the rest of the film. The film is moody and melancholy and this scene has a bit of cheerfulness in it. Caleb does not like it, but I think he does not like to see himself in it, but others like it and Jessica our DP says to cut it.  She feels its not necessary.  I am stuck in the middle because there is value to the scene, just it may be redundant.  Showing it to Craig, the co-writer tomorrow, and hopefully I will come to a conclusion and call it LOCKED!