Part 2 nearly complete

CHAPTER 2 - Lost Loved Ones - nearly done

Part 2 is nearly complete (11/9/17).  I reached 'picture-lock' in Sept, and then we started work on the color correction, sound design and now the music.

Trevr Merchant, our DIT and colorist worked with me, (through my nit-picking), and the color correction is now done. We shot on the RED (8K), and I have to say, the film looks amazing. Trevr brought to film a stylized look that I love.  

Leslie Gaston-Bird, our Supervising Sound Editor and composer now lives in England. We did a foley session from afar. We linked up two recording studios, (one in London, the other in Denver) and using SoundConnect and ProTools we did our foley recording session. I was skeptical that it would work... but it ended up working out well. Since then, Leslie has sweetened the sound and laid in the foley sounds. Now she is working on the music, and so far, it's sounding great.  We are truly near the finish line. 

For those of you who live in Denver, I am planning on showing part 1 and 2 (this film) either in December or January in the Tivoli theatre on the CU Denver campus.   

Looking ahead... I have two more films to make that will ultimately become the feature length film. We are planning on shooting chapter 3 this June. I've written the first draft of that script.  I think its a good script, but still tinkering with it.  If you are willing and able, please be on the lookout for a future Kickstarter.

This next film has a pretty nasty villain (JASPER) that I will be casting.  If anyone knows a menacing and talented actor, willing to work for cheap...

Thanks again for your support. I am determined to see this project reach its goal.